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Hello, I'm Damian –

For 10 years in the Apple service and support area, I was the guy you talked to on the phone when things went crooked with your computer. If you were new to computers and didn't know where the "any" key was, you phoned me. As relationships developed, many of our older clients would "ask for Damian" because they liked the way I converted techno-babble into plain English. Now that I'm striking out on my own I'm looking to establish the same kind of long term service and support reliability with new customers . . . who are pleased enough with my work to become old customers.

When it comes to websites, I take a healthy amount of pride in my designs and coding. I enjoy what I do. It's exciting to put energy into the birth of a concept, then nurture it through the developmental stages, until it's finally ready to face the world in all it's glory.

I believe in a "customer driven business" where your wants and needs become my central focus. If you're happy, I'm happy.

If you'd like some help with your project now, "ask for Damian" here: Contact Damian

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Why you recommend Damian

I have been using and recommending Damian's design services for a few years for Make-Tracks and for our customers. I am always impressed with the quality of Damian's work. In short, I don't even consider any other designers since I know Damian will deliver quality work, on time and on budget. And that translates to direct cost savings for me.

-- Charlie Garrison
Make-Tracks Secure Hosting

Damian's design work on our website has always been exactly what we've wanted. He's delivered more than we expected and, importantly, stayed within budget. And I know he will respond quickly to any request we make without complaint or argument so he's a pleasure to work with on a continuing basis. It's easy for me to recommend Damian's design work with confidence that he will deliver a great job.

-- Shane McRae
Petology Net

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